Refresh, Recycle, and Go!

You know when you say you’re going to do something eventually and then that eventually never comes? That seemed to have happened with this blog. I’ve been prioritizing more in-person client connections which I think is 100000000% valid. I connect with my clients through calls to truly ask them what their hopes and dreams are about so I can visually make the magic appear through a series of highly curated professional photographs.
But I did make a promise to myself that I would start blogging.
I knew that if I didn’t post now, the fire would fade and I would never start the spark.  So here’s the spark:

H E L L O ! Dear Universe, this is me, Joi Conti. 

Joi Conti a Filipino-American professional photographer in Austin Texas

I’m a professional photographer physically living in Austin, Texas who mentally lives in the crevices of creativity. I like to collaborate with my clients who, in turn, trust in me to share their photographic daydreams of what they didn’t think was possible: 

This can mean going beyond the idea of a headshot, so that they truly feel seen through creative portraiture that genuinely shows who they are.  

This can mean representing their brand in full force through product photography that attracts clients that align with who they are and what they want their brand to stand for. 

This can mean providing guidance with helping them receive lifestyle photography that helps personalize their brand and website to show off their incomparable business (we’ll talk about branding photography later because I most certainly do it, but unpacking the word is something I have become passionate about).

If any of this resonates with you or you may know of someone who can benefit from this kind of energy with their professional photography, say hello here and I’ll say hi back.

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