I have never lived in a city that hugs the way that Austin hugs. Austin is a vibrant city that manages to balance a spirit of brilliant liveliness and rest. Austin sweeps you off your feet with all there is to do, and when you get to know people, you get to see what a strong community looks like, welcoming you in. 

To really get a feel for the creative and inspiring community, you must attend the pop-up markets throughout the city. Tomorrow, I’ll be joining the ranks of vendors for the first time at Cinful Sweets’ first anniversary, selling a curated set of prints. As a special sneak peek, here’s a picture of the beautiful bluebonnet ballet—the Texas state flower—that I’ll be selling:

It’s Bluebonnet season!

Come visit me and my fellow amazing vendors tomorrow at Cinful Sweets’ Anniversary! 

If you’re looking for more amazing things to do in Austin, check out this Redfin article that features me and other local photographers recommending our favorite activities. Unsurprisingly, for me, it’s all about food

Activities of An Ambivert

One of the ways I continue growing my professional photography business is by connecting with people in person. Since moving to Austin in 2020, I’ve found that I am energized by a mixture of being surrounded by and collaborating with creative people and letting myself dream and hone my craft on my own. 

Yesterday, I was surrounded and inspired by amazing women in leadership and people who own and run their own successful businesses. 

My morning was spent at the UT School of Law for the Texas Diversity Council’s 2023 Women in Leadership Symposium. By noon, I was moved, inspired, and energized in so many ways that all I could do was let the tears run down my cheeks. 

Good vibes help me thrive and to be in a room full of welcoming, energetic, and encouraging people was a gift.

That afternoon, I made my way to Hearth & Soul for a beautiful community event created by the Women of Austin and YWA. I was welcomed by people who resonated with my work: creative photography that is vibrant and unique as the people and products I photograph. 

By the evening, I found myself daydreaming about the projects I’m about to start with the people I connected with throughout the day. 

If this resonates with you, let’s chat!

What Does The Heart Say?

As I meditated on what to write for this week’s blog post, I heard my itty bitty judgy committee in my head saying: “You have nothing useful to say,” “What if the people who used to know you make fun of you,” “No one reads this, so why bother?” 

But gently and firmly, my heart was saying something different.  

As a professional photographer, I work to serve and help people create portraiture that genuinely reflects who they are. I’m here to encourage people to be their true selves and capture happiness along the way. I love working with clients who have never had a professional photo session before and guiding them through my entire process: preparing and planning for a photo session, going through the run-of-show of the photo session, and professional retouching. These three parts are a collaborative dialogue between me and my client where we get to share everything they may want to see and have in their photography. 

During my clarity calls, I always remind my clients that they don’t need to worry about how to pose — that’s why they hired me!  I have plenty of posing tricks up my sleeve, but I always make sure to capture their true essence by creating a safe space for them to feel comfortable and authentic. If a pose doesn’t feel aligned with you, why bother? 

Authentic can mean perfectly imperfect. The shape your body takes, the curve of your smile (teeth showing or not), and the way you express yourself do not have to conform to a standard that’s been presented to you by the outside world. No matter what the purpose of the photography session is, headshots, branding, family and engagement photos, or even a birthday present for yourself or a loved one, genuineness comes from the heart, so let it talk.

If this resonates with you or are wondering how you can get heartfelt professional photography, let me know by reaching out!

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