Go Ahead, Get Happy!

Let me help you create and receive photos that truly reflect what you want to share with the world.  

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Who's Joi?

Joi Conti is an Austin-based professional photographer specializing in creative portraiture for people and brands who want to genuinely feel seen and heard.

During your photo session, you'll be guided with care and compassion - especially if it is your first time booking a photo session. Her method of photographing captures the client's personality and glimpses of genuine happiness along the way.

In addition, she loves photographing stories and movements with people that feature locations, outfits, and dresses that not only speak volumes but tell tales if you listen hard enough. She also helps business owners receive heart-centered lifestyle and product photography, giving narratives behind the objects that normally wouldn't say a word.

As an artist, she considers herself a visual narrator who loves to spin stories that are rooted in the earth and tethered to dreamland.

Anyone can take a picture, but she can help you smile and catch it along the way.

Her goal is to give her clients a curated set of professionally retouched photographs that not only spark a sense of wonder, but make them feel happy to share what they received to the world.

Anyone can take a picture, but she can help you smile and catch it along the way. 



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