A Surprise Engagement

Rain or shine, a surprise engagement will always be an event that will give me kilig feelings. Especially when the couple in front of me has a seriously strong hug game!

I photographed one of the kindest couples that have come my way. With a phone call weeks before the photo session and careful planning, the surprise was kept long enough until the right moment.

Pro tip: get the proposal done at the beginning of the photo session so the person proposing is not anxious throughout the entire shoot. Trust me, it’s one of the most compassionate steps anyone can take, as the photographer or as the person proposing. This not only releases any nerves that can creep into the pictures, but it will lift the mood of the photo session…just as long as the proposee agrees, but we can tackle what to do then in another blog post (maybe). 

Want to learn more tips on how we kept a planned surprise engagement photo session (with roses) a secret? Let’s chat

I can help you set up your own surprise engagement while receiving heartfelt photos you, your family, and your friends will gush over.

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