A Fun Austin Family Portrait Session

As I connect with more people in the Greater Austin metropolitan area, I’ve noticed that I love connecting with clients who want to fly out of the box as much as I do. I say this with the utmost respect: there’s nothing wrong with getting beautiful, direct, and to-the-point family snapshots. I just love taking it a step further: I prefer to know my clients so I can suggest creative poses they can do that reflect their personalities and their relationships — or direct moments that I can catch. 

Even though we all have access to devices that can take photos, you still need someone to hold everyone in the family accountable to look at the camera, get a (more or less) pleasant expression on their face/s, and maintain a comfortable space for everyone in the party to be themselves. This human connection has always been my key to let my clients’ personalities shine through in a still image — and I’ll keep taking that important step with everyone I meet, photograph, and collaborate with.

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